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PT Kabatama Raya high carbon recycling wire is used to bundle recycling products such as paper, plastic and cardboard at recycling plants throughout Indonesia.

Our recycling wire is available in wide variety of gauges and packaging to meet our customer needs.


PT Kabatama Raya chain link wire is manufactured to ASTM and CSA specifications in all grades and types for the weaving of chain link fencing. PT Kabatama Raya galvanized chain link wire is designed to save minimize downtime and increase your production time in manufacturing process.

Made in INdonesia. ISO 9001 Certified quality Process.

PT. Kabatama Raya produces both galvanized wire as well as PVC coated wire in black, green, brown, and white.


PT. Kabatama Raya low carbon galvanized wire is chemically bonded with a protective zinc coating to the underlying steel wire. Our process provides a product that is consistently and uniformly coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Galvanized wire is designed for butt welding, moderate forming or fabricating and, when specified, spot welding. Galvanized extends the useful life of exposed wire by up to 10 times. PT Kabatama Raya galvanized wire is tailored to meet a wide variety of specific customer requirements.

Made in Indonesia.


Hot Dip Galvanized wires are used in many different areas such as fences, barbed wire production, bucket handle and clothes hangers.

Our galvanized products, which pass through different critical process such as annealing, pickling, coating and the quality control, offer an effective and economic solution comparing to many other products.





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